Five Things to Savor in Costa Rica ~ Lisa

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There is a slice of paradise in Central America nestled between Nicaragua and Panama.  The country’s slogan, pura vida – translated to “simple life” or “pure life” – is more than just a saying—it is a way of life in magical Costa Rica. A visit to Costa Rica is a true delight of the senses. 

National Geographic Expeditions Announces 2024 Signature Land Trips, River Cruises and Private Expeditions!

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National Geographic Expeditions announces its full lineup of Signature Land trips, River Cruises and Private Expeditions with unforgettable experiences for travelers around the world in 2024. Travelers will have their pick of experiences, from a safari in Tanzania to an immersion in the timeless culture of Japan. Sail the Rhine on a world-class ship, exploring

Best Adventures by Disney for Families ~ by Deborah

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Adventures by Disney is a leader in guided group travel to amazing destinations all over the world.  Did you know that includes North America Destinations such as Arizona, Utah, Montana, Canadian Rockies, Alaska, Disneyland & Southern California. So why Adventures by Disney?  Here’s What is Included When You Travel with Disney: The services of 2

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