One of the biggest questions we are getting, “What is it like to travel to Walt Disney World right now?” Recently I, spent some time in the parks and over the next few days I will be sharing our experience! ~ Tina

First let’s talk Safety. As former H&S Manager in my previous career, safety has always been important to me and a priority. I felt that Disney did an amazing job keeping guests safe during their visit with implementing social distancing where necessary, having hand washing stations throughout the parks along with hand sanitizer available to all guests.

As you enter the parks you will see signage, that includes details on facemask, social distancing, and security.

The Disney bus transportation was also another area I felt that Disney really did a great job. They load the buses from back to front and by travel party. You are given an assigned seat for your family, for some reason we kept getting number 4 ?. The buses are not overloaded and social distance is in place.

In the parks, we noticed a number of hand washing stations, along with hand sanitizing stations spread throughout the parks. As a family that often hand sanitized pre Covid, we loved it! The hand sanitizing stations were also located at the entrances and exits of each attraction and are automatic. You simply place your hand under it and out comes the hand sanitizer!

There were markings on the floor/ground, reminding you of social distancing throughout the parks.

Some attractions had plexiglass in areas where lines were close together to keep social distance in place for guests!

Overall I felt very safe at Walt Disney World and felt like they did a great job. The magic is still very present at the parks, even with the changes!