Everyone who knows me knows that I am a cruising girl through & through.  I get a lot of questions, frequently, about cruising & why I love it so much.  So, here are my top 5 reasons for cruising:


  1. Great Value: Name another vacation where you pay one price for your room, meals, entertainment, & transportation from island to island. When you consider all the extras you may pay for a regular beach vacation, cruising comes out to be a better value.  Factor in flights, rental car, hotel, at least 3 meals a day, plus entertainment.  With cruising, you don’t need to rent a car to get from place to place, because the ship takes you there.  You can eat all day & all night, if you so choose.  You get to watch as many stage shows as you want & do as many activities as you desire, each day of your cruise vacation
  2. Unlimited Amounts of Food: Did I mention the food?  Gourmet meals in the MDR (Main Dining Room), delicious breakfast, lunch, & dinner buffet options, 24 hour pizza, cafes with finger foods, gourmet hot dog stands, BBQ at sea, burger joints, the list goes on & on!  And, let’s not forget the ice cream machines on every pool deck!
  3. Multiple Ports of Call: Want to see many exotic places in one trip?? Cruising is the best way to do it!  I’ve been to at least 20 islands in the Caribbean, Bahamas, & Hawaii & there is no way I would have flown to all of those places.  When you cruise, you get to explore many places all in one trip!  Each island is unique in it’s own way & has something different to offer.  It’s fun to get to explore different cultures!
  4. The Ship is a Destination in Itself: Each class of ship has something different to offer guests.  Different sized ships have different perks.  You can choose the smaller ships, which have less bells & whistles, but still packed with fun.  Or, go for the larger, Oasis Class ships (Royal Caribbean exclusive!), which have a boardwalk, Central Park, carousel, rock climbing, Flowrider, zip line, & more!  Some ships have self-leveling pool tables, there is even mini golf.  Always something to do on a cruise ship!  Some guests even choose to never leave the ship!
  5. Endless Entertainment: As mentioned, there are plenty of activities on board a cruise ship.  The activities begin early, usually with a stretch class in the gym, at 7:00 am.  From then on, there is Bingo, belly flop competitions, pool volleyball, silly things like the men’s hairy leg competition at the pool deck, parades in the Promenade (on select ships), Broadway-style shows, magicians, & more!

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