Hi! My name is Dayna. I live in South Carolina with my husband Ryan and two daughters, Addie and Maci. I have always loved to travel. From camping trips to Niagra Falls and Myrtle Beach as a child with my grandparents to my first solo trip overseas to Japan and Taiwan, I love it all! I’ve been to Europe, Asia, Mexico and the Caribbean. What I love about traveling is the memories that will never fade!

My first trip to Walt Disney World was with my high school cheerleading squad. I’ve always loved Disney movies and all of the characters. (The theme for my surprise 18th birthday party was Winnie the Pooh!) Disney has a way of reaching all ages all over the world.

Cruising is a new love of mine! I love that you can visit different countries in one vacation…all with only unpacking your suitcase once. There are so many activities onboard the ships that you are never left without something to do.

Traveling with family or friends allow you time to reconnect and enjoy experiences together. I look forward to helping you plan your next adventure!